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PM Modi, US President discuss emerging realities of post COVID world; Trump invites PM to G7 summit later this year            Cyclone Nisarga to make landfall in Maharashtra and Gujarat this afternoon            Pakistan remains epi-center of international terrorism, reiterates India citing UN Security Council report            57 Lakh migrant workers transported so far by Shramik Special Trains, says Railways            2200 Indians to be flown back from Gulf today under Vande Bharat Mission           

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0815 HRS
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi asks ministers to continuosly monitor COVID 19 situation and ensure that benefits of Garib Kalyan Yojna reach intended beneficiaries. 
  • Centre urges states to pay special attention on keeping supply of medical oxygen smooth and hassle-free during lockdown.
  • Ordnance Factory Board to roll out modified tents as low cost isolation units to check Covid 19.
  • Centre directs States and Union Territories to take immediate measures to prevent spread of Corona virus from human to animals and vice versa.
  • Bihar government transfers one thousand rupees each to the bank account of over one lakh migrant workers stranded in different parts of country. 


Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with central ministers yesterday and emphasized the importance of being motivated, determined and vigilant in the battle against COVID-19. During the interaction, Mr Modi asked ministers to remain in touch with state and district administration to provide solutions to emergent problems and  formulate district level micro plans. He urged relevant ministries to continuously monitor and ensure that benefits of Garib Kalyan Yojana keep reaching intended beneficiaries in a seamless manner. Mr Modi asked ministers to popularize Aarogya Setu app in the rural areas and grass root institutions. Mr Modi asked to explore use of innovative solutions like ‘truck aggregators’ on the lines of app based cab services to connect farmers with Mandis.

The Prime Minister appreciated the leadership of the ministers and said that the continuous feedback provided by them has been effective in strategizing for tackling COVID-19.

"सभी ने मिलकर एकजुटता की इस ताकत को उसका साक्षात्कार किया। कोरोना के खिलाफ लड़ाई का अपना संकल् और मजबूत किया और जो मूलभाव था। मैं अकेला नहीं हूं। इस लड़ाई में मैं अकेला नहीं हूं। मैं भले घर में बैठा हूं, लेकिन पूरा देश लड़ रहा है। इस चीज को लोगों ने एहसास फिर से एकबार आपने खुद महसूस किया होगा। गांव, देहात से लेकर के बड़े शहरों तक असंख् दीयों ने प्रकाश ने कोरोना संकट के अंधेरे को उस हताश निराशा को दूर करने में एक-एक नागरिक का हौंसला बुलंद करने में मदद की। 130 करोड़ देशवासियों की महाशक्ति का महाप्रयास और उससे जन्में महाप्रकाश ने देशवासियों को लंबी लड़ाई के लिए तैयार किया है।"


Union Cabinet has approved an Ordinance amending the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament Act, 1954 for reducing salary by 30 per cent for one year. It will come into effect from first of this month. This was informed by Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar .

"We have decided for an ordinance because it's a legal requirement because it's a law under which we get our salary, and therefore that law needs to be amended. So there will be 30% cut in the salaries of Prime Minister, of Ministers, of Members of Parliament for the whole year of 2020-21, do for 12 months, it will take place."

The Minister also informed that Cabinet has decided to suspend MPLAD fund for two years from 2020-2021 to 2021-2022. He said, an amount to the tune of 7900 crore rupees will be accumulated and deposited in the consolidated Fund of India to fight COVID-19

Mr Javadekar also informed that President, Vice President, Governors of States have also voluntarily decided to take a pay cut of 30 per cent as a social responsibility for one year. The money will go to Consolidated Fund of India.

Gujarat government has also reduced the salary of all the MLAs and Ministers by 30 percent for one year in view of the Coronavirus pandemic. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced this yesterday. He added that the grant of 1.5 crore rupees received by MLAs will also be used in the public interest to tackle Covid 19.


A total of 4281 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus or COVID- 19 have been reported in the country so far. Out of these, 318 patients have recovered and discharged from the hospitals, while 111 patients have died. Briefing media in New Delhi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Lav Aggarwal said, 76 per cent cases have been reported in males and 24 per cent in females. He also informed that out of the total cases, 1445 cases are related to Tablighi Jamaat cluster. He said, out of 109 deaths so far, 63 per cent have been reported among people over 60 years age, 30 per cent in age bracket of 40 to 60 years and 7 per cent in the people below 40 years of age. Mr Aggarwal suggested to the high risk people to follow the directive and guidelines issued by the government. He also urged the countrymen to follow social distancing measures and guidelines to check the spread of the novel coronavirus.

 Mr Aggarwal also informed that during the Lockdown period, 16.94 lakh metric tonnes of food grains have been transported across the country till now. 

"इस लॉकडाउन की अवधि में देशभर में लगभग 16.94 लाख मैट्रिक टन फूड ग्रेन के द्वारा हमने उनको 605 रेक के द्वारा ट्रांसपोर्ट भी किया है। अब तक फूड कॉरपोरेशन ऑफ इंडिया के द्वारा इस मॉडल के द्वारा 13 स्टेट्स में 1.3 लाख मैट्रिक टन वीट और 8 स्टेट्स में 1.32 लाख मैट्रिक टन राइस अलॉट किया गया है। साथ ही 4 अप्रैल को सेंट्रल पूल में फूड कॉरपोरेशन के पास अभी 55.47 लाख मैट्रिक टन अनाज अभी भी है।"

Joint Secretary in the Home Ministry, Punya Salila Srivastava said that the lockdown measures are being effectively implemented. She said, the availability of essential goods and items are satisfactory. On cases related to Tablighi Jamaat workers, Ms Srivastava said, through a massive effort local Tablighi Jamaat workers and their contacts have been quarantined.

"सभी राज् सरकारों के साथ गृह मंत्रालय ने एक मेगा अभियान द्वारा लगभग साढे

पच्चीस हजार से ज्यादा लोकल टी जे कार्यकर्ता और उनके संपर्क में आए लोगों को पहचान करके उनका क्वारंटाइन किया है। इसके अलावा हरियाणा के पांच गांव जहां पर ये फोरन नेशनल टी जे नेशनल वर्कर रहे थे उनको भी सील करके क्वारंटाइन कर दिया गया है। अभी तक जो 2083 फोरन टी जे वर्कर्स आइडेंटीफाइ किए गए थे उसमें से 1750 को ब्लैकलिस् कर दिया है।"

Dr Raman Gangakhedkar, Head Scientist in Indian Council of Medical Research said that ICMR has placed order for 5 lakh testing kits for conducting rapid antibody based blood tests. 2.5 lakh kits are expected to be delivered by 8th or 9th of this month.


Centre has asked states to give special attention on keeping the supply of medical oxygen smooth and hassle-free in the lockdown period. It has been emphasized upon as there is a critical need to maintain adequate supply of medical oxygen. It is also included in the national list and WHO's list of essential medicines. Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla underlined that all Manufacturing units of Medical Oxygen and related items, their transport and cross land border movements, workers engaged in factories are exempted from lockdown.

Home Secretary also emphasized that social distancing and proper hygiene practices must be ensured in each of these activities, as specified in the lockdown measures. The district authorities have been asked to ensure strict enforcement. Further, the communication also stressed that District authorities and field agencies may be made aware of the strict compliance, especially with reference to supply of medical oxygen.


Government has opened up supply lines from abroad with the receipt of 1.70 lakh Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) coveralls from China which have been donated to India. In addition to this, two lakh domestically produced N95 masks are also being sent to various hospitals. Major portions of the fresh supplies are being sent to States with comparatively higher number of cases. Giving a further fillip to domestic capabilities, Northern Railways have developed a PPE coverall. This is in addition to the PPE coveralls and N99 masks developed by DRDO earlier. Efforts are now being made to start mass production of these products.


The Ordnance Factory Board under the Ministry of Defence is ready to roll out modified tents in the form of low cost isolation units to check the Covid 19 pandemic. These tents are being assembled at Ordnance Factory Kanpur and are 30 per cent cheaper than tents used for military purposes. The Ordnance Factory tents  can accommodate two patients each and all necessary medical equipment that are required to fight Covid 19. It's fabric is poly viscose and the support metals are mild steel and aluminium alloy. These tents can also be used for medical screening and emergencies.


Centre has issued advisory to States and Union Territories regarding containing and management of COVID-19 in National Parks, Sanctuaries and Tiger Reserves. In view of recent news report on a Tiger being infected with the COVID 19, Environment Ministry has written to States and Union Territories to take immediate preventive measures to stop the transmission and spread of the virus from humans to animals and vice versa. It has asked to reduce the human wildlife interface and restrict the movement of people to National Parks, Sanctuaries and Tiger Reserves. The Ministry has also asked to constitute a task force or Rapid Action Force with Field Managers, Veterinary doctors, frontline staff, to manage the situation as quickly as possible.


Government has relaxed export curbs on 24 pharma ingredients and medicines including vitamin B1 and B12. With this, export of these items is allowed freely without any restrictions. Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) issued a notification in this regard yesterday. Last month, DGFT had imposed export restrictions on 26 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and formulations, under which exporter has to obtain a license or permission from the DGFT.


Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has asked the Heads of autonomous institutions coming under the Ministry to take necessary steps for mental health and well-being of students in wake of COVID-19 outbreak. University Grant Commission (UGC) has also suggested to set up help lines for mental health, psychosocial concerns and well-being of students in Universities and Colleges. It should be regularly monitored and managed by Counsellors and other identified faculty members.


National Cadet Corps (NCC) Cadets have started serving people during COVID-19 pandemic under Exercise NCC Yogdan. These cadets are providing a helping hand to state and municipal authorities to augment relief efforts. Civil and police administration have started requisitioning for services of senior division NCC cadets in fight against Coronavirus. A report:

"Last week, the government had allowed temporary employment of cadets under ‘Exercise NCC Yogdan’ and issued guidelines in this regard. The types of tasks assigned for NCC cadets include manning of helpline,  distribution of relief materials, medicines and essential commodities; community assistance and traffic management. 75 cadets are providing service in Tamil Nadu and 57 in Puducherry. Besides, eighty cadets in East Khasi Hills district are assisting the Meghalaya police in monitoring of ration distribution while 64 cadets have been deployed in Neemuch District of Madhya Pradesh for Supply Chain and traffic management. Union Territory of Ladakh has also rquisitioned for eight cadets in supply chain management. Anand Kumar, AIR News Delhi."


Government has termed a prominent newspaper Op-Ed which alleges that Arogya Setu app will be used for surveillance as baseless. In a series of tweets, it said the mobile application does not link user location and user data with any sensitive personal data. Neither does it make users vulnerable to hacking. The Centre clarified that the  app is not used for surveillance and it follows best practices on data privacy and data security.

The  mobile app was launched to bring the people of India together in a resolute fight against COVID-19. The app enables people to assess themselves the risk for their catching the Coronavirus infection.

The app is also for helping the Government to take necessary timely steps for assessing risk of spread of COVID-19 infection, and ensuring isolation where required.


Bihar government has transferred one thousand rupees each to the bank accounts of over one lakh migrant workers stranded in other parts of the country due to nationwide lockdown. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said one thousand rupees per person was transferred in the bank accounts of migrant workers through the direct benefit transfer (DBT) system. Mr Kumar said Bihar has become the first state in the country to reach out to its migrant workforce. He said the state government has made an allocation of rupees 100 crore for this purpose from CM Relief Fund. Chief Minister said assistance to remaining persons and those seeking out help would be provided at the earliest. Over two lakh 84 thousand migrant workers have so far applied for financial assistance.


In our series 'Expert Speak' on All India Radio, we bring you the views of the leading medical experts on COVID-19. Talking to AIR News, Dr. Rakesh Garg of All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi said that public support is very crucial to contain the spread of COVID-19. 

"If the social isolation continues in a very nice way, then probably will be able to have containment so there may be some clusters which are upcoming but with good contact tracing and with good quarantine of those who have suspects or those who have contacts with these positive patients, if they can do a good amount of quarantine at respective places then probably we think that the containment of the virus maybe a good option and we hope that it would happen."

Dr Sanjay Pandey of GB Pant Hospital, Delhi said that the symptoms of the coronavirus are upper respiratory tract infection, sneezing and cough.

"Covid-19 is currently in India in stage two and most of the cases are coming either from contact or they are coming from the contact with people who have traveled abroad and recently there was this Jamaat incident and many of the patients are coming from that particular area and people who have gone to different parts of the country and they are getting reported to be positive. So there is no treatment right now for the Corona virus."

 Participating in the special bilingual programme on COVID 19 of News services Division, Dr Avdesh Sharma, eminent Psychiatrist and Consultant explained the importance of social distancing. Dr Sharma elobrated how this infection can communicate.


The News Services Division of All India Radio in its bilingual live phone-in programme will bring you today a Special discussion Programme on Covid-19.

Dr. Raman R Gangakhedkar, Head, Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases, Indian Council Medical Research will participate in the discussion.

 Listeners can ask questions to the experts on Toll Free Telephone No: 1800-115767 (Repeat 1800-115767). You can also ask questions on telephone number: 011: 2331-4444 and post queries on our Twitter handle @airnews s by #tag Askair.

This can be heard tonight on FM Gold Channel and additional frequencies from 9.10 PM onwards. This programme will also be available on our website NEWS ON AIR DOT COM and on our YouTube Channel NEWSONAIROFFICIAL.

You can also follow us on the NEWSONAIR app for s.


In Madhya Pradesh, Children are becoming warriors in the fight against the corona virus. They are handing over their deposits to the administration, as well as motivating others. A report from our correspondent::

"Yashraj Singh Deora, a student of Rewas Deora village of Mandsaur, donated a relief amount of Rs 15 thousand 638 to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund. On the other hand, Barwani's 6 year old Gaurik Vyas has donated 4 thousand 141 rupees to fight the epidemic.

At the same time, 4-year-old Mohammad Alphez Kabir of Panna district has also donated 4 thousand 344 rupees. The elderly are also not behind in donating. Sushila Bai Sahu, a 63-year-old woman suffering from paralysis, has given rupees 5 thousand 551 to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. Sanjeev Sharma, AIR News, Bhopal."

Jammu and Kashmir government is making all efforts to mitigate hardship faced by the people in the wake of lockdown. Authorities have been providing essential supplies to the people which include the medical supplies as well, relentlessly. More from our correspondent:

"Medical Education Department of Jammu and Kashmir has clarified that there is no dearth of medical supplies in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir following the threat of COVID-19. In this regard, AIR News Srinagar spoke to Atal Dulloo, Financial Commissioner, Health and Medical Education Department Jammu & Kashmir and he said,"

 So, this could be construed that Jammu and Kashmir administration is leaving no stone unturned in reaching out to the public in the wake of the prevailing coronavirus pandemic. Sunil Koul AIR News Srinagar."

In Kerala, 13 more Covid 19 positive cases were confirmed yesterday taking the total number of patients in the State to 266. The state has installed Walk in Sample Kiosks (WISK) for mass collection of samples for Covid 19 testing  in Ernakulam district based on South Korean model. Our correspondent has filed this report:

"WISK is a mobile cubicle with a sealed glass front, and have extended gloves attached in the front, through which a medical practitioner standing in the cubicle can collect samples. The healthcare professionals in the kiosk can collect throat swabs of people who will stand outside the kiosk. The swab can be collected without direct exposure and contact. After the swab collection, the gloves can be sanitised from outside. This drastically reduces the need for PPE kits and protects the medical practitioner and the patient. The Walk-in Sample Kiosks , are being developed by Doctors of Kalamsessry Medical College. The model installed in Kochi is one of the first of its kind in India. Mayusha for AIR News from Thiruvananthapuram."

In Tamil Nadu, the number of novel coronavirus testing laboratories is being more than doubled in its efforts to contain the spread of the pandemic. Our correspondent has more:-

"The Tamil Nadu Government has given orders for 2500 additional ventilators for use in its hospitals. Meanwhile, helplines keep ringing in various districts that receive around 1800 calls every day, seeking help and clarifications on Covid-19 disease. Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswamy has said fresh dates for holding the Tenth Standard public examinations will be decided after studying the situation once the curfew period is over. Jayasingh, AIR News, Chennai."

In Gujarat, private firms are joining the battle against Covid 19 by producing essential health supplies locally. After Ventilators, now personal equipment kits and N95 masks for front line health workers are also being produced locally in the state at affordable prices. A report:

 In line with PM’s vision of Make In India, many Gujarat based firms are supporting the state government in the fight against Covid 19 by producing health supplies locally. Secretary to CM, Ashwini Kumar said Salus Products, a manufacturer of disposable surgical products at Changodar, near Ahmedabad, is producing 25 thousand N 95 masks per day after the technology transfer from IIT Kanpur. He said Arvind Mills in Gandhinagar and Vadodara based Sure Safety are producing personal equipment kit for frontline Medical and paramedical staff at affordable prices. APARNA KHUNT, AIR NEWS, AHMEDABAD.

In Ladakh, senior nurse Tsering Yangzom and a trainee nurse Angmo Liker, the first two COVID-19 front liner warriors have got overwhelming appreciations from all walks of life of the society. Our correspondent has more details:

"The nurse were the first repid response warriors of UT Ladakh Uion Territory for the first reported two patients at isolation wards. Senior Nurse Tsering Yanzom spoke to AIR News.

With Ramesh Chandra, this is Yangchan Dolma reporting for AIR news from Leh Ladakh."

Uttar Pradesh government has appealed to the people who are either sick or came in contact with sick persons and still present at religious places to come forward and get themselves tested. Government is also in talks with social media plataforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even TikTok to stop the spread of fake news and objectionable videos. A Report:

"State has registered 305 cases of the novel corona virus, including 27 in the last 24 hours. Out of the total, 159 cases are linked with Tablighi Jamaat event. Meanwhile a dedicated control room has been established to solve the problems of the general public of state and it will work 24 into 7. Government has also started statewide Home Delivery system with the help of more than 21 thousand grocery stores. Anyone who is in need of grocery items can call on 1076. Another important portal Annapoorna has also been launched. SUSHIL CHANDRA TIWARI, AIR NEWS, LUCKNOW."

Karnataka Department of Health Research has notified 10 dedicated laboratories supported by ICMR for testing COVID -19. Medical Education minister Dr.K Sudhakar has said that it will now be possible to increase number of tests in the state. More from our Correspondent;

"In Bengaluru alone over 14,900 persons are quarantined. Based on public complaints, the Home Quarantine Enforcement squad has shifted 386 persons from home to institutional quarantine. Department of AYUSH in the state has issued a public advisory that there are no proven remedies for COVID 19 disease in AYUSH system and people should not be misled by such claims made in social media. It has added that www.ayush.gov.in website could be referred to for knowing AYUSH methods to improve respiratory health and immunity. Sudhindra AIR News Bengaluru."


Delhi Police has registered 247 FIRs in different police stations against the persons found deviating from home quarantine rules. In a statement, Delhi police said, it has strictly enforced the home quarantine of people during the ongoing lockdown for the safety and health of the public. Regular surveillance is being done through physical verification and technical monitoring also. 


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been shifted to intensive care unit (ICU) after his condition worsened. A UK government spokesperson said, Mr Johnson was shifted to ICU yesterday on the advice of his medical team after his condition worsened. He had been admitted to St Thomas' Hospital in London due to persistent coronavirus symptoms.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab has taken temporary charge after PM Johnson was moved to ICU. Mr Raab said the team spirit within the government would be guiding force to defeat the pandemic. He said, through the team spirit the government would implement Prime Minister's plans as soon as possible.


   Newspaper Headlines

  • Most newspapers talk about the meeting of Group of Ministers scheduled for today to discuss whether the lockdown put in place to combat the spread of Covid-19 should be extended. "Case count to guide lockdown future" "Telengana, UP, Panjab in favour of extending lockdown, farm harvesting could be allowed with riders." is the lead in  the Hindustan Times. " Areas with low infection risk may be opened up first." writes the Economics times.
  • The newspaper also talk about Prime Minister Narender Modi addressing BJP worker yesterday on the party's foundations day. "Brace for long battle ahead, says PM."
  • In a bid to leave N-95 masks for the frontline health staff, and to promote use of home made masks, "wear home-made masks, urges PM" is a frontline page headline in The Times of India.
  • With 29 health worker, doctors testing positive, 270 swabs sent for testing, The Financial Express informs "Mumbai's Wockhardt hospital sealed."
  • Talking about immediate preventive measures to stop the transmission and spread of the virus from human to animals and vice-versa "Indian Zoos on as US tiger gets infected." reports the Times of India.



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